About Simple Financial Fitness


My name is John Anderson and I run Simple Financial Fitness.

My intention is to explain personal finance topics in a simple manner, so people can understand them and apply what they learn. After all, what good does it do to read a post if you don't understand or don't use it?

What Qualifies Me to Teach Personal Finance?

I graduated as an accountant and passed the CPA exam. Does that make me a personal finance expert? No. But a lot of people think so.

What does qualify me is I've been there and done that with most of the major personal finance topics like debt elimination, catching up on my retirement savings, buying houses and cars, paying for college education, investing money, losing money, and starting businesses.

Are there better qualified people out there? For sure, but a lot of them get too complicated for most people. I know, I've seen the glazed-over look many people get when people talk about financial topics. Many people are very busy and not interested in every nuance about IRAs. They just want to get started and know they are making progress.

Hopefully, this site will serve that purpose and provide you the juicy tid-bits, stated simply, understandably and get you motivated to apply what you learn so you can feel good about your progress on this important topic of personal finance.

Thank you very much for visiting!!


Simple Financial Fitness is listed on Modest Money's Top Finance Blog Listing see LINK

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