Vroom and Carvana

Do you remember as a kid looking in a gumball machine picking out what you wanted?

You stuck the coin in the machine, twisted the knob, heard the “ka-chunk” as your prize fell down the shoot. You opened the little trap door and drat you got the cheap-looking ring.

Fast forward years later and imagine there was a giant gumball machine filled with cars and all you had to do was put a coin in the slot and a car, no THE car you wanted came out the door.

Wow, wouldn’t that be great.

Well, that is now one way you can buy your used car.

Two companies that are both relatively new offer buyers (and sellers) a hassle-free way to buy a used car.

We will discuss both in today’s post.

If you’d like a free companion spreadsheet to help you decide how much you can afford to pay for a car, click the Link at the bottom of the post.



Carvana is the real-life “carball” machine I mentioned earlier. They were founded in 2013 and based in Phoenix and offer used cars to buyers via the online world.

Their motto is they offer an inspected and perfected car that is accident-free and that has passed a 150 point certification process. Cool.

You buy right from your computer and they say it only takes 20 minutes from start to finish.


1. Go online search for the car you want. You can view the car with a 360 degree virtual tour.

2. Decide how you want to pay for it; cash (transfer the money), finance it (they can set you up), trade-in (yes even that process is easy) or a combo of any of those methods.

3. Have your car delivered to your driveway (if you live < 75 miles it's free or < 250 it costs $199, > 250 miles that will pay you up to $200 to come pick it up).

4. Fill out the paperwork

5. Drive away

6. Every car comes with a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee, but you can also get a 100 day 4189 mile warranty.

NOTE: Carvana is only in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Birmingham, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami.

Here’s a LINK to see the vending machine in action.



1. Head to their website and enter your VIN number

2. Answer several questions about the car’s history and condition

3. Create an account with Carvana

4. Carvana calls you back within 24 hours with a quote for your car

5. Typically the quote will come in for around the Kelly Blue Book price for a private sale

6. Drop off your car, where they do a five-minute test drive, sign over the title and receive your check (about 30 minutes total)



Founded in 2013 with headquarters in New York City, Vroom claims to be the largest online car store in the world with over 150,000 happy customers.

Vroom sifts through millions of cars to find the very best so buyers don’t have to. They help with buying, selling, trading-in, financing and delivery. The only thing they don’t do is haggle.

All cars sold are inspected, certified with clean titles and have no accidents (checked by Auto-Check).

The process is similar to Carvana.

  1. Shop for your car online. As of this writing, they had over one thousand cars for sale.
  2. You get a 7 day or 250 miles no questions asked refund if you don’t like the car. And you get a 90 day 6000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, or you can opt for a full year 24/7 warranty with roadside assistance.
  3. Choose your financing method by paying in full, bring your own financing or they have over 30 banks that can help you.
  4. You can trade-in your current car by sending Vroom your VIN, mileage and other information about your car. They will send you an offer, pick up your car for free and give you a check or take the total off your new car.
  5. Your new car delivered right to your door for free.

Both of these companies received really good reviews and are well worth considering when you are ready to buy your next car. Both seem to be an online equivalent to Carmax and offer more buyer protection than going the do-it-yourself route.

If you are not a mechanical person (like me) but wish to buy a great car that is trouble-free and at a good price, these two companies are worth exploring to help you with your car-buying task.

Here’s the LINK to the free spreadsheet to help you calculate how much car you can afford.

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